Learn A.I before A.I takes your job, those people are going to survive in the future with jobs only who learns Artificial Intelligence and puts it to a good work, I have compiled a list of Artificial Intelligence courses that are provided by reputed websites and companies such as Google, Meta and DeepLearning.

AI Learning Path by Google Cloud

Embark on a comprehensive learning path consisting of 10 courses curated by Google Cloud. This series covers everything from the fundamentals of Large Language Models to creating and deploying generative AI solutions on Google Cloud. Explore this path to gain a solid understanding of Generative AI’s capabilities and applications.

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AI Short Courses by DeepLearning.AI

Explore short courses on generative AI offered by DeepLearning.AI. These courses cover a range of topics, including “LangChain for LLM Application Development” and “How Diffusion Models Work.” Expand your knowledge and skills in Generative AI with this collection of focused courses.

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LLM Bootcamp: The Full Stack

Join The Full Stack’s LLM Bootcamp to attend a series of free lectures on building and deploying LLM apps. This bootcamp is a practical and hands-on approach to understand the intricacies of Generative AI and how to implement it effectively.

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Building AI Products with OpenAI by CoRise

Learn how to build AI products using OpenAI technologies with this free course offered in collaboration with CoRise. Explore real-world applications and use cases to gain insights into deploying Generative AI in various domains.

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Free Course by Activeloop

Access a free course by Activeloop that delves into LangChain and Vector Databases in a production environment. Discover how Generative AI can be applied in practice to develop scalable and efficient AI applications.

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Pinecone Learning Center

Explore the Pinecone Learning Center, which provides a wealth of free guides and complete handbooks on LangChain, vector embeddings, and more. Gain in-depth knowledge about Generative AI models and their applications.

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Build AI Apps with ChatGPT, Dall-E and GPT-4

Scrimba offers a free course that teaches you how to build AI applications using ChatGPT, Dall-E, and GPT-4. Learn how to harness the power of Generative AI models to create interactive and engaging AI-powered applications.

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Top Generative AI Questions

Access a report by Gartner that addresses the top Generative AI questions for enterprises. Learn from expert insights and industry analysis to understand how Generative AI can transform businesses.

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GPT Best Practices: A Guide by OpenAI

OpenAI provides a comprehensive guide on best practices for using GPT models effectively. Maximize the performance of Generative AI models with the strategies and tactics outlined in this guide.

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Prompt Injection Explained, with Video, Slides, and a Transcript

LangChain organizes a webinar that explains prompt injection, accompanied by video, slides, and a transcript. Gain a deeper understanding of prompt engineering and its significance in Generative AI.

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Detailed Guide to Prompt Engineering by DAIR.AI

DAIR.AI offers a detailed guide to prompt engineering as an open-source course. Master the art of crafting effective prompts for Generative AI models and unleash their true potential.

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Tutorial by Cohere AI

Cohere AI presents a tutorial that explains Transformer models and how they work. Understand the underlying mechanisms of these powerful models in Generative AI.

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Learn Prompting: Course on Prompt Engineering

Enroll in Learn Prompting, an open-source course focused on prompt engineering. Develop practical skills to leverage prompts effectively for various Generative AI applications.

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If you have some questions in your mind, feel free to read the FAQ below

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI refers to a subset of artificial intelligence that focuses on creating data, such as images, texts, and even music, that resemble real-world examples. It involves training models to generate new content rather than relying solely on existing data.

How can I start learning Generative AI?

To begin your journey in Generative AI, you can explore the various learning resources available online. Some recommended resources include Google Cloud's Generative AI Learning Path, DeepLearning.AI's short courses on Generative AI, and the LLM Bootcamp by The Full Stack.

Are these learning resources free to access?

Many of the learning resources mentioned in the article offer free access to their courses and guides. However, some may have premium options with additional features.

Can I gain practical experience with Generative AI?

Yes, several of the mentioned resources provide hands-on learning opportunities. Courses like "Build AI Apps with ChatGPT, Dall-E and GPT-4" by Scrimba and "LLM Bootcamp" by The Full Stack offer practical projects to implement Generative AI solutions.

Are there any beginner-friendly resources?

Absolutely! The "Generative AI Learning Path" by Google Cloud and "Generative AI Short Courses" by DeepLearning.AI cater to learners at various skill levels, including beginners.

Can I access resources for prompt engineering and best practices in GPT models?

Yes, the article includes resources like "Detailed Guide to Prompt Engineering" by DAIR.AI and "GPT Best Practices" by OpenAI, which provide insights into prompt engineering and optimizing GPT models.

Do I need any specific prerequisites to get started?

While some familiarity with machine learning and programming can be beneficial, many of the resources are designed to be accessible to learners with various backgrounds. Beginners can start with introductory courses and gradually progress to more advanced topics.

Can I access these resources from anywhere in the world?

Yes, most of the resources are accessible globally through their online platforms, ensuring learners from anywhere can benefit from these Generative AI learning materials.