What is Auto-GPT?

Auto GPT is basically Chat-GPT on steroids. AutoGPT is an open source desktop application that runs on Windows or Mac or Linux using some not so user-friendly softwares such as docker, python etc. These apps are basically used by programmers or computer enginners. Don’t worry if you aren’t one of them, you can still install and use Auto-GPT using “The Noobs Installation Guide to AutoGPT” that we just created.

What are the uses of Auto-GPT?

👨‍💻 It can write code, improve it also it can debug it iself.

🔥 Auto GPT have internet access and can help you find stuffs on internet.

👨‍💻 It can write aritcles, blogs or anything.

📱 It can build android/ios applications in real time.

💰 It can help you with financial advises that you need.

👩‍💼 It can help you grow your business, just define the agent and its role and objectives.

Basically, there is endless possibilities of using the Auto GPT. It can do almost anything which a human does with a computer and a internet connection.

What was the main reason for AutoGPT’s popularity?

Well, in short the main reason for its popularity is it can “actually” think and self improve unlike ChatGPT which runs on a command. Suppose you tell ChatGPT “write a simple html code “hello world”” it will write but what AutoGPT will do is write the code, test it also it will give you other suugestions such as best possible ways to write a “hello world” code.

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Interested to Install and run AutoGPT on your computer? Go to AutoGPT installation guide ❤️