What is Agnaistic AI?

Agnaistic AI is an innovative chat service that allows users to use artificial intelligence LLMs for interactive conversations. Unlike traditional chatbots, Agnaistic does not rely on a single built-in AI model; instead, it empowers users to integrate their preferred AI services seamlessly. The platform is built on the principles of openness and accessibility, being completely open-source and free to use for everyone.

How to Use Agnaistic AI

To get started with Agnaistic AI, users can easily register for free on the platform. The registration process is straightforward and ensures the user’s data is kept private throughout their journey with Agnaistic. Additionally, users have the freedom to permanently delete their data whenever they wish, giving them complete control over their information.

Once registered, users can enjoy the benefits of using Agnaistic across all their devices, making it convenient for seamless interactions and conversations.

Supported APIs

You can use almost any LLM of your choice such as OpenAI, NovelAI, GooseAI, Scale, Claude

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Key Features of Agnaistic

  1. Privacy and Security: Agnaistic takes user privacy seriously. Conversations are never shared with anyone unless the user explicitly invites them to join the chat. This level of privacy control provides peace of mind to users, ensuring their sensitive information remains protected.
  2. Multi-User and Multi-Character Chats: Unlike traditional chat services, Agnaistic allows users to engage in conversations with multiple users and even multiple characters simultaneously. This opens up exciting possibilities for role-playing scenarios and collaborative storytelling.
  3. Memory Books: Agnaistic offers a unique feature called “Memory Books.” Users can create these books to furnish their characters with information about the world they inhabit. This enriches the AI-driven interactions, making them more immersive and engaging.
  4. Image Generation: The platform supports image generation through integration with popular AI services like Horde, NovelAI, or even the user’s own Stable Diffusion server. This feature adds a visual dimension to the conversations, making them more vivid and dynamic.
  5. Voice Integration: Agnaistic provides users with the ability to give their characters a voice and interact with them through speech. This voice integration adds an exciting dimension to the interactions, making them feel more natural and lifelike.
  6. Custom Presets: Agnaistic offers customization options for generation settings used during conversations. Users can tailor the AI responses according to their preferences, ensuring a personalized and unique experience.
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FAQs about Agnaistic AI

Is Agnaistic a paid service?

No, Agnaistic itself is completely free to use. Users only pay for the third-party AI services they choose to integrate into the platform.

Can I chat with multiple characters simultaneously?

Yes, Agnaistic supports multi-character chats, allowing users to engage in conversations with multiple virtual personas at once.

Are my conversations private and secure?

Absolutely. Agnaistic prioritizes user privacy, and conversations are never shared with anyone without explicit user consent.

Can I use my own AI models with Agnaistic?

Yes, You can.

In conclusion, Agnaistic represents a groundbreaking approach to AI-driven chat services. By empowering users to choose and integrate their preferred AI models, the platform offers unparalleled flexibility, privacy, and customization. Whether for personal use, role-playing, or collaborative storytelling, Agnaistic opens the door to a new era of interactive and engaging conversations. Embrace the future of chat services with Agnaistic today.